Visiting KW & Miranda Lawson & Mind Control & Ramping

Lazy Overview:

Part of this dream involved me going to visit my former male classmate KW at a multi-story house or apartment house that belonged to his parents, his stepmom showed up to his surprise and disappointment, he did not seem to like his stepmom and he acted like she probably did not treat him well normally.

Surprisingly she was nice to me to his surprise and annoyance, and I remember her offering me some Nature Made gummies multivitamins among several other things during my visit when I was in the living room that had sliding glass doors to a balcony.

I am not sure if this happened while I was there or afterward, but there was a dream scene that involved Miranda Lawson going to some place, a man possibly led her there as part of a trap with a plan to mind control her to form his own team with her brainwashed / mind controlled to maybe be his mom or sister; but that is all that I can remember of this dream scene.

Before or after I left from KW’s parents house, I remember hearing about and calling a state or parish government phone number about volunteering or working to help with cleanup and rebuilding after the hurricane, and I remember talking to a female government employee.

I then reached a bridge to a fictional city in the state, there was a checkpoint on the other side that you had to walk to first, and a male law enforcement officer with light-color skin was working there and maybe one or more others.

They were not nice at all and were probably racist and they gave me a hard time questioning me a lot and checking my record et cetera looking for any excuse to refuse me entry and / or to arrest me, they did not find anything to their disappointment, and they had to let me into the city.

Once inside the city I somehow met up with my male coworker Mr. JM and a male coworker of my dad, we rode in a small truck that one of them was driving, I remember us talking as we drove through the city, and we saw some young men with light-color skin standing outside their automobile as they were talking about volunteering or working with the state or parish government with the hurricane cleanup and rebuilding.

They were talking about the tasks that the government needed help with, it sounded like a lot of engineering work, and they were complaining about how they did not know about engineering stuff but that they could help with general labor.

At some point whoever was driving drove over a field with hills, which caused us to fly in the air as the hills acted as ramps, and this a fun and we somehow landed without getting hurt or destroying the truck each time.

Mr. JM was talking about something as we did this as we drove to a gas station / store, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


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