Ardat-Yakshi | Quarians Versus Geth | Miranda Lawson Racing Commander Shepard

Dream 1

This dream involved a man who was playing maybe a mobile Mass Effect video game or a normal version or a more advanced version, and there was an Asari who was his squadmate and his girlfriend in the video game.

He was able to randomize some of her stats, he kept using the randomize option to see the results, and one stat that changed often was that almost half of the time it would mark his Asari squadmate / girlfriend as being an Ardat-Yakshi.


Tears For Fears – Head Over Heels

Recently I found out about this song (Head Over Heels) by Tears For Fears thanks to a random clip of it being mentioned or featured in a YouTube video by maybe It’sAGundam, I probably heard part of this song before in the past, it sounded familiar; but I never really got to hear it in full or know who it was by until now.

I was not familiar with Tears For Fears even though I knew of at least one of their songs without realizing that it was their song, I am glad that I know of this song now, and I wish that I would have known about it sooner.