Pretending To Be Doctors | College A Cappella

Dream 1

This dream involved some of my coworkers and some other people and their children and I going to some kind of park-like / amusement park-like area that had various games, activities, and indoor / outdoor places to explore.

Some one else and I were pretending to be HEIC doctors (whatever that is) so that we could all get in free, the other person and I were dressed like surgeons with scrubs and face masks and head coverings and gloves et cetera, and we only needed to pretend for an hour or two.

While the others were enjoying the park, the other person and I were inside a building still pretending to be doctors, and we were trying to avoid having to do anything during that one hour of pretend.

I remember us doing whatever we could to avoid having to help someone because we were not real doctors, I am not sure why we were pretending like this because this is not something that I would do in real life, I did not like doing this in the dream either, but for some unknown reason I did this.

I remember at least one hour almost being up at some point, we had managed to last that long without having to help anyone and without getting caught, but we were getting more and more worried as time went on; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me going to a college to get signed up and get a dorm room et cetera, I got there but it was not time for sign-ups to start so I had to waste time, and so I went walking around inside and outside the college among the many other future students and current students.

While I was walking through an upper floor of a building two young men with light-color skin stopped me from a small corner area, they wanted me to help them with some music, I told them that I could not sing et cetera, but they wanted me to join them anyway briefly as they sing from this corner area a cappella style.

I accepted their offer, I remember snapping my fingers to make a beat, and I remember them / us starting to sing a cappella as people walked by.

This actually sounded better than I had expected, I was doing better than I had expected, and it was actually kind of fun.

At some point a young woman with light-color skin and a young man with light-color skin stopped to listen to us, and at some point the young woman started to talk to us; she had enjoyed our singing et cetera.

I needed to urinate so once we were done I left to find a bathroom, eventually I found a bathroom that seemed like a staff bathroom, I waited for someone to walk out first before I went inside, and I waited for someone to leave a bathroom stall before I went inside one.

I am not sure if I got to urinate before I woke up or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream; and as usual, when I woke up in the real world I really did need to urinate, and so that is why I needed to urinate in the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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