Ghost Of Tsushima & IT

I forgot most of my dreams including most of this dream, but I do remember part of this dream involving someone I knew playing the video game Ghost Of Tsushima.

The next thing that I remember is going to a place that was like a combination of a building and a house and The BP Library, I remember going to what I assume was The IT Department, and several other people showed up like my coworker Mr. JM and my supervisor Ms. JR and several unknown people and maybe one or two known people.

The last thing that I remember is what seemed like part of the video game Ghost Of Tsushima taking place inside the normal part of the dream, and I remember some of us using throwing weapons that were thin long throwing needles or darts that we used to attack each other.

This was video game-like and not serious, except when one of the needles or darts hit me in my side, and it went deeper than expected.

I somewhat felt it and I had to pull the needle or dart out, this felt a bit real, and it was unpleasant even though it did not hurt that much; I felt that it was in a bit deep, and I felt it as I slowly pulled it out.

I did not like that at all and I probably called a stop to the needle or dart throwing, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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