Flying & Alerting Security | $45 Catfish & A Super Tank & A Hacker & Liara T’Soni

Dream 1

This dream took place during the evening or night and I was with most of my family including my brother CC at a nice modern possibly multi-story apartment house or hotel or house, I am not sure if we were only temporarily staying there or if we lived there, and I remember walking around maybe trying to pick which bedroom I would use as some of my family was getting ready for bed.

The smallest bedroom was by itself in an area between the living room and / or family room and a kitchen, it only had a bed and a few other furniture items, and at some point I walked outside to maybe a balcony or on the ground below; and I was wearing a cloth face mask so I guess the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on or something.

I am not sure if I realized that I was dreaming or not during this unclear and forgotten part of the dream or if I ever realized that I was dreaming, this was possibly a lucid dream at this point, but I am not sure.

I possibly felt a lack of something or maybe I felt some boredom or maybe I just wanted to try something fun et cetera, I just know that for reasons unknown I decided to try flying, it worked, and I started flying using my normal slower flying technique.

Then I decided to try flying using just my mind and I decided to try flying faster than normal, this worked, and I started flying faster than I have in a while using only my mind or mostly my mind; and this was fun, and I did tricks and stunts in the air as I flew fast.

I flew over buildings and trees et cetera until I reached an airport where I saw security vehicles and security guards escorting someone and / or something, they were on high alert with serious facial expressions holding submachine guns and / or assault rifles, and when they saw me flying over they probably started pointing their guns at me and possibly shooting at me.

I tried to fly at a distance to avoid scaring them but that had failed, I tried to tell them that I was not a threat but they could not hear me from in the sky, and so I just dodged bullets easily and I flew to a shopping center parking lot across the street; and I landed on the roof of the shopping center.

I wondered what was with all the security, were they escorting the president or something, but then security vehicles drove to the shopping center after me.

I was confronted on the roof by man wearing a cloth face mask who seemed to be a security guard, he was yelling commands at me while probably pointing a gun at me, I tried to talk to him but it was not working, he looked like my male cousin ME, but I could not tell because he was wearing a mask.

I decided to tell him who I was and I asked him if he was my cousin ME, this probably got him to stop and listen to me, but I woke up during this or right after this.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a somewhat fictional version of the city of D, at some point I communicated with my mom and dad, and my mom told me about an assumed sale that she had heard about at Fox’s Pizza Den or at a restaurant where it should be; and allegedly you could get a catfish meal or a catfish dish for free if you ordered something else maybe.

I went there and I bought some food including the catfish, I met my parents outside somewhere not that far away, and as I was showing them the food I noticed that my receipt showed that the catfish cost $45.

This shocked and annoyed me, that was way too expensive and it was definitely not free or a sale price, and my total price for the food was the most money that I had ever spent on food from a restaurant at one time; and it was definitely not worth that much money.

I complained about this to my parents before we returned home, at some point when I was inside the house I noticed a huge multi-story super tank stop in the street outside my parents yard, and I wondered how was something that big and probably heavy able to move without destroying the street.

The tank was at least three or four stories tall, I told my parents et cetera to come see it through the window, and eventually I probably went outside to see it.

The next thing that I remember is traveling with a male hacker who looked like and acted like and wore a mask and clothes like the character Wrench from the video game Watch Dogs 2, who is a hacker, maybe it was Wrench, I am not sure if we traveled using the super tank or not, I just remember following him inside a building of some kind.

It was some kind of business like an office or bank or something, he followed a woman inside who I assumed he wanted to recruit to his team, I then found out that maybe this woman was an ex-girlfriend of his or was a woman he was interested in, and maybe I then realized that he was about to hack and maybe rob the place with her help.

If so, I wanted nothing to do with this and I thought that it was wrong and I said so, he explained his reasoning et cetera but I still disagreed, and I left after once again telling him to abandoned this mission; or I could be completely wrong about the possibly hacking and robbery part.

I do know that the next thing that I remember is being inside either the super tank or a spaceship like one from the Mass Effect video game franchise, I was sitting on bench seating (like on a military plane or military helicopter or military vehicle) against a wall with the character Liara T’Soni to my right, and another woman on the right of her.

Liara was ragdolling (ragdoll physics) in and out of her seat oddly, I am not sure if it was because of a bumpy ride or a medical emergency or glitch or what was going on, I remember the other woman and I asking her if she was okay, Liara was not responding like she was either unconscious or she was glitching like in a video game as her body continued to ragdoll, but I woke up during this confusion.

The end,

-John Jr

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