JB & Patrons Using My Computer | Hermes & A Mortal & Another Greek God

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be inside a slightly fictional version of my parents house, I talked to my mom in maybe her bedroom or the living room, and then I walked to a fictional version of my old bedroom.

To my surprise and confusion my female coworker JB was in my bedroom on my computer, I greeted her confusingly, and she started asking me a question that involved needing help trying to figure out something work-related that I can not remember.

JB was very relaxed and comfortable and she acted like this was all normal in a way that I probably have never seen before in a dream or real life, so this confused me and stood out to me and was a bit weird to me, and I listened to her and I asked questions trying to figure out what her question was / what she needed help with exactly and how I could help answer it / help.

While she was explaining things she was still on my computer trying to look up the answer, I was listening while trying to find a video that might help, I found one, and then I looked up to see that she had found a trailer for the same video except she was on Facebook and I was on YouTube.

I remember wondering if I had left any personal information or files open on my computer and if JB had seen them or not, was she logged into my account(s) or did she log-in separately, was my computer locked before she got on, had she done this before, et cetera.

JB then moved to sit on top of a chair not too far from where I was, it was a one-person chair, and she sat on top of it instead of on the chair oddly.

JB was still super relaxed and comfortable and talkative sharing things on her own which was cool, she started telling me about a military-related story involving back when her dad and / or her husband Mr. BB was in the military, and I continued listening and sometimes asking questions as I continued to wonder about my computer and the oddness of this situation and the answers to her questions.

I woke up before or I woke up after JB had to leave the room suddenly for some reason.

Dream 2

This dream somehow continued where the last dream left off, so this was a continuation of the previous dream, JB was either not there because she had left the bedroom in previous dream or she left the room at the beginning of this dream, and I left the room not that long afterward.

When I returned to my bedroom later, this time two patrons were in there on my computer to my surprise and confusion, just like the previous dream when JB was on my computer.

Even though it still seemed like a slightly fictional version of my parents house, this time it seemed that I was somehow at work and so this was somehow part of The BP Library and so was the previous dream I assume, and I guess that is why JB was there because this was somehow the library and my parents house I assume which makes no sense.

The two patrons were a somewhat older married couple, husband and wife, with light-color skin; and they needed help with something just like JB had needed help in the previous dream.

Once again I listened to them and I asked them questions trying to figure out what they needed help with and how I could help and answer their questions while also still being confused about how they were so relaxed, and how they were in my bedroom on my computer like this was normal.

JB walked into the room, she had left her USB flash drive plugged into my computer from the previous dream, which I had not known, but the two patrons also had a USB flash drive plugged into my computer which I had not known either.

I reminded JB to safely remove the flash drive, she was about to just remove it without doing this until I told her, and I showed her how to do this.

First JB needed to figure out which USB drive was hers on the computer before safely removing it from there, and so I had her check to see if there were any familiar files and folders.

That worked, she figured out which was hers, she safely removed her flash drive, and then she left the room as I continued to help the two patrons.

Once again I was still trying to make sense of the oddness of this situation, I had the same questions as I had before in the previous dream, how did these patrons and JB know about my bedroom and that I had a computer in there and how were they comfortable using it without permission et cetera.

Just like JB, the two patrons were very relaxed and comfortable and in a very good mood et cetera, which just seemed a bit odd; but it was nice that JB was talkative and sharing things on her own.

Dream 3

This was a dream that I recorded but forgot about, and so I added it here days later.

This dream was possibly inspired by me watching the anime TV show Blood Of Zeus.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved the Greek god Hermes and maybe a mortal delivering things to another Greek god, and Hermes or the other god corrected one of their mistakes a few times; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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