A Secret Entrance Into An Amusement Park

This dream seemed to take place during the COVID-19 pandemic (because I was wearing my cloth face mask) in maybe a fictional version of the Walmart parking lot in the city of D except there was a small Disneyland-like amusement park on the left side closer to the road, and to the right of there was a hangout area outside where people would hangout & try to sell things to people coming and going.

Some of my former male schoolmates with dark-light-to-light-medium color skin and maybe one or two of my former classmates were among the people often hanging out in the hangout area, and some of them would try to sell things to people.

One of my former male schoolmates was trying to sell dogs, the dogs that he was selling were not there with him, so you could not see them in person, but he was trying to sell them still.

Some of my former schoolmates, classmates, and the other people in this area knew of and would sometimes use a secret entrance to get into the amusement park without having to pay; they still would have to pay for food, drink, souvenirs, to ride rides, et cetera.

At some point in the dream I was walking through this area, one of my former male schoolmates tried to sell me a dog, I politely declined, and for the first time I used the secret entrance into the amusement park to get in without paying for some reason which is not like me and even in the dream this bothered me; I probably just wanted to enter briefly to buy a few things or something.

After entering I went into a narrow building there was a diner on the left side, there were people all around, some with face masks and most without, as I walked past the diner I walked past someone familiar, and I turned to see that it was my aunt ME & a fictional young female cousin & and old woman with dark-color skin & one or more children.

I stopped to greet them, we briefly talked, I decided to join them, I remember walking and talking down the hall to find the men’s bathroom because I needed to urinate, I found the bathrooms, I had a false memory of having visited this amusement park in the past, and I remembered the men’s bathroom being on the left side.

The sign on both doors was hard to read, after struggling to read the signs I finally saw that the men’s bathroom was now on the right side, and the women’s bathroom was on the left side.

My female coworker MH, her daughter, and several other children stopped to use the bathroom as well.

I told MH that the signs were difficult to read and that they had switched the bathrooms since the last time I was here, she agreed and remembered them being reversed as well, but then I woke up before we entered the bathrooms.

The end,

-John Jr

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