Trying To Get My Dental Fillings Fixed / Replaced

This dream was inspired by my current real life dental situation.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me at a dentist’s office talking to a male dentist about trying to fix / replace my dental fillings instead of getting dental crowns (dental caps).


Pauline Croze – T’es Beau

Pauline Croze -T’es Beau

T’es Beau is the first Pauline Croze song that I ever heard, I heard it one day back in maybe 2007 on my computer when I was listening to an online French radio station that possibly later became Virgin Radio (France), the song caught my attention and it kind of reminded me of a lullaby or something like that because of its soothing sound; and so I looked to see what the song was called and who is was by, and then I went looking for more music by her.

I then found her first album which was her self-titled album Pauline Croze, and it instantly became my favorite music album until this day.