Time Traveling Using A Trash Can?

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of the dream involved The United Kingdom (UK) making a face mask law that required citizens to wear masks most of the time because of the COVID-19 pandemic I assume, except when eating and drinking et cetera, and you even had to wear a face mask when swimming et cetera; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The second part of the dream took place during the day and I was in the alley where the pet cages are outside my parents yard when I saw something running in the left corner of my eye in the yard of the house that my former male classmates SW & EW used to live in, and it jumped from that yard over that fence over the alley that I was standing in and over my parents tall hurricane fence into our yard near where my brothers TDC & KDC park their automobiles.


Sade – Smooth Operator

Sade – Smooth Operator – Official – 1984

Yesterday this song came to my mind, I realized that I had not heard it in years and that it was somehow missing from my music collection, and so I had to add it back to my music collection.

I used to listen to this song et cetera back when we still had old records.