The Rock & Fighting Aliens Underground?

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of the dream took place outside, I was walking somewhere when I saw The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) teaching a man and a woman some exercises in and near a ditch and / or sunken area near a small body of water.

The Rock and the other two people were going up and down the ditch or hill doing lunges, stretches, and other exercises focusing on their form / technique & endurance; and The Rock was a good teacher, I maybe have briefly joined them, but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is going to or near a college, I traveled underground into a secret somewhat futuristic facility with a team of men and women wearing cool somewhat futuristic matching military-like uniforms that were possibly a light-grey color with maybe some white & one or more other colors on the trim that probably somewhat looked like a combination of a synth uniform and Battlestar Galactica dress (duty) uniform without armor (unless our clothing was somehow armor and / or unless we had body shields or something), and we had probably somewhat futuristic rifles.

We seemed organized and like maybe we were part of a group that somewhat reminds me of The SCP Foundation’s Mobile Task Forces, The Global Occult Coalition, The United Citizen Federation from Starship Troopers, The Systems Alliance (The Alliance) from Mass Effect, and later in the dream The Fish Speakers.

I am not sure how many levels this underground facility was or how deep underground it was, I just remember us encountering what I assume were large insect-like aliens that moved on all-fours & could climb on walls & ceilings, and they were probably somewhat similar to the The Arachnids from Starship Troopers; and a battle started between us as we moved deeper into the facility.

The situation was pretty bad, more and more of the assumed aliens appeared during the battle, we were increasingly outnumbered, and they had the advantage of having already been in the facility; and they were attacking from multiple directions.

The dream possibly restarted this part of the dream or something because magically at some point there was no battle, the dream started to slowly become like a movie that we were actors & actresses in, and this time all the people with me were women still wearing the same or similar uniforms except they probably somewhat seemed more like Fish Speakers; and we were arriving to the underground facility again.

Either time had restarted or we had retreated and I had returned with an all-female team, either way, this time when the women & I (I was the only man) entered the facility, it was oddly quiet, and I feared that the assumed aliens were probably going to ambush us once we got deep enough into the facility.

When we reached the area where the battle had happened earlier, there was no sign of a battle & no signs of aliens, but it was too quiet so I assumed that the aliens were hiding & slowly stalking us until we reached an area where they could surround & ambush us more easily this time because the previous battle location was a open area with a very tall ceiling with a structure in the middle which helped us during the previous battle.

Last time the people with me seemed professional and like trained experienced soldiers who were at a special forces level et cetera, it started that way this time, but quickly this changed to where it was like we were actors & actresses or cosplayers wearing costumes with people increasingly looking unprofessional & untrained & out-of-shape et cetera.

When we reached the previous battle area I needed to urinate, I decided to make my way back up to the college to find a bathroom to use it, and then return back to my team.

The last few women I saw on my team looked either pregnant or they were just obese with large stomachs, their clothing was stretched out because of their large stomachs, it looked more like they were wearing costumes than real uniforms now, they were standing guard with their rifles in the hallway that led to the stairs going up to the surface, I greeted them as I walked by, but I was confused wondering if they were pregnant & why would pregnant women be out here on a dangerous mission like this.

I then realized that my clothing looked probably more ridiculous too this time, I had a N7 (Systems Alliance (The Alliance) special forces from Mass Effect) shirt and some somewhat tight pants that looked more costume-like instead of like combat pants, and so I too looked weird this time.

When I reached the surface I remember walking down a stadium full of people watching maybe a sports event, I was walking down a narrow walkway past seats on the right side, I saw a man yelling at another man who was his boss who was sitting with the man’s wife, and the angry man was accusing his boss of having an affair with his wife.

The angry man punched his boss, shocking the people nearby, but then the angry man slipped & cut his leg; and his leg started bleeding badly, and he started limping & bleeding down the stairs in front of me.

I then noticed blood on my right leg, I was confused, how did his blood get on me, but then I noticed that my right leg was split down the middle from my foot up to my knee (fortunately my knee was not split so that is what kept the rest attached); and both halves moved back and forth separately when I raised my leg (that was a weird, nasty, et cetera thing to see), and so that new blood was mine it seemed.

I saw the other man still bleeding as he made his way down the stairs, I was confused, how & when did I get this serious injury & why did it not hurt & how was I able to still walk, did I get hurt by one of the aliens during the previous battle?

I woke up during this confusion, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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