The Phenomenon (2020 Film)

What is it?

The 2020 documentary movie The Phenomenon.


Trailer 2

Sneak Peak

My Thoughts

I watched this documentary the day before yesterday, it covered the topic of UFOs & aliens in a more approachable way, and there were a few things that they presented that was new to me.

The standout part of this documentary for me was the Ariel School Incident, seeing the video of those children talking about what they saw really got me, it makes you believe that they saw what they said that they saw & experienced, and that event really seemed to have impacted them.

As usual this documentary makes you wonder about the UFO & alien phenomenon and what is really going on, who knows what & how much do they know, why is a lot of this being kept secret, and what does this mean for our past & present & future.

In a way I find it scary & I question the motives of those involved in this phenomenon, to keep this a secret, whether on the human side or the possible unknown entities side, makes me think that they do not have good intentions and / or they do not really care et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr

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