A Strange Ritual With My Mom?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that my mom wanted my dad and I to go to what I assumed to be a church event that we and / or she had been to before in the past, and so I went with them to a building that I assumed to be a Christian church.

There was a man with dark-color skin who I assumed to be the preacher there along with some women & other people who I assumed to be church members, they were all standing up, and they were wearing some kind of unknown ancient traditional clothing (maybe African) that was not very covering like it was ancient hot weather clothing.


🎬 Reviewing + Ranking All Of Fincher Films | Part 1

Marianna (Impression Blend) did a good job with part 1 of this video, and now I realize that I have seen a few David Fincher movies like Alien 3 and Fight Club, and a little bit of Panic Room.