His Dark Materials (Season 2)

What is it?

The 2020 HBO fantasy drama TV show His Dark Materials (Season 2).

His Dark Materials Season 2 Teaser Trailer Video
His Dark Materials Season 2 Trailer Video

My Thoughts

Right now my brother GC & I are the only people I know who saw the first season of His Dark Materials & who watched the second season of it.

This is a pretty good family friendly enough show with movie quality visuals, and so I am surprised that no one else I know or follow has seen this show or talked about it really.

I think that Ruth Wilson did a great job as usual with her having the best performance & she had several standout scenes showing some bursts of emotion including one with Lin-Manuel Miranda, but Andrew Scott was terrible to my surprise in his performance & character with him acting like he did not want to be there with low energy & low charisma et cetera like he was phoning it in.

They should have either cut Mr. Scott’s scenes or replaced him with someone else in my opinion, it was his worst performance that I have ever seen by him so far sadly, I wonder what happened?

The end,

-John Jr

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