A Silent Voice (A Silent Voice: The Movie)

What is it?

The 2016 Japanese anime teen drama movie A Silent Voice (A Silent Voice: The Movie).

A Silent Voice – Official Trailer
A Silent Voice – Movie Review

My Thoughts

My female coworker JB recommended this movie and so did a fellow blogger (Moya) and an anime reviewer, and so I decided to watch it on Netflix; oddly I could not find an English dub trailer even though there is an English dub of this movie on Netflix, which is what I watched with my brother GC.

The animation for the background was great (beautiful) and very detailed in the objects et cetera that were placed in scenes, the animation of the characters was not as good as everything else (it was not bad), but it still fit well enough.

The strong points of this anime were the animation, the fact that they covered some real issues that are not usually explored in media (especially animation) this well, and they did a good job making it seem like you followed these characters for a long time & portraying how relationships can change over time; it was like you were following the lives of real people, and they did a pretty good job portraying emotion.

The weak point of this anime was that it went on longer than it should have and they added some forced drama et cetera to extend the runtime which hurt the film in my opinion, but fortunately overall it was still good; but I do not like how they never showed the face of the main character’s sister and she was only briefly shown twice, and I have my suspicions as to why & they are not good (I assume that it is because his sister was married to & had a child with a man who I assume was from in their minds another race (for those who believe in race) and / or ethnic group and / or nationality et cetera, and I assume that is just a racist / ethnocentric / nationalistic / conservative / et cetera part of Japanese culture).

They did a good job showing things from the point-of-view of young people, and even though this was animated it still managed to capture a level of realism and relatability beyond many live action movies.

This may be the best or one of the best movie recommendations that JB has recommended so far, and none of her recommendations have been bad so far; I still seem to like her recommended movies & TV shows better than she likes my movie & TV show recommendations so far it seems, maybe eventually I will find a movie or TV recommendation that she likes. 😀

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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