Brigadoon (1954)

What is it?

The 1954 American Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer CinemaScope and Metrocolor musical Brigadoon.

Brigadoon (1954) Official Trailer – Gene Kelly, Van Johnson Musical HD
Just Watched Brigadoon (1954) Review

My Thoughts

This was another movie and musical that was recommended by my female coworker JB, if it were not for her I probably would not have known about this movie, and so I decided to watch it; I watched this movie in parts over the course of several weeks until I finally finished it.

The set design was impressive, and the songs & dance fit better than they did in the movie Newsies in my opinion.

When I watched the first part of the movie the first day that I started it, it lifted my mood, maybe that & an episode of His Dark Materials (Season 2), and so that was nice.

This was also a movie that my mom had seen before and she said that she liked it, and so my mom & JB are the only other people I know who have seen this movie.

The musical parts of this movie, especially the dancing, worked better than in Newsies overall in my opinion; but Newsies worked better as a movie than Brigadoon, I wish that Brigadoon would have had more story, and so overall to my surprise I liked Newsies better because I usually prefer more movie than musical it seems.

I also do not like how the camera was often zoomed out too much so you often could not see many of the actors & actresses faces well enough to get an idea of who they were & what they really looked like, but I imagine that did that to show off the impressive set & to get a wider view of the dancing.

My favorite character was Fiona Campbell, and I wish that the movie could have given more time to building up the romance between her & Tommy Albright; and my second favorite character was probably Jeff Douglas with his funny responses.

I wish that the movie would have started off by showing the modern world so that you could have had a better comparison between it & the world / town of Brigadoon instead of it just being shown at the end of the movie; I think that would have also made the movie better, and that combined with more time on building the romance would have made it work better as a movie to balance it better with the musical aspects.

I would rate this movie a 5 – 6, which is not bad, and so none of JB’s recommendations have been bad yet still.

The end,

-John Jr

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