Erased (The Town Where Only I Am Missing)

What is it?

The 2016 mystery crime thriller suspense anime TV show Erased.

ERASED English Trailer
Erased – Anime Review

My Thoughts

This was another recommendation from my female coworker JB that I forgot that I had seen a review for a couple of years ago, and so I watched it on Netflix.

My brother GC and I finished all 12 episodes in less than two days, we both liked this anime, the mystery kept us watching episode after episodes, the main character had heart, but he kept making some dumb mistakes that were a bit frustrating; but that did make his character more human I guess.

We both did not like how they hurt the mystery by not presenting more options of who the guilty person was.

While this anime did go on longer than it needed to, it still worked because this was an anime with a unique twist to the mystery genre, and it seems that you can get away with this more often in the mystery genre.

I also liked the ending theme song Sorewa Chiisana Hikarinoyouna (Sore Wa Chiisana Hikari No Youna) by Sayuri better than the opening theme song:

This was another great recommendation by JB that I liked, another one of my favorite recommendations by her so far, it is a shame that I did not see this anime sooner, and I think that it is an anime that more people need to see because most people probably never even heard of it before.

This is the second or so mystery TV show that I have seen this year and I liked both of them even when the pacing was slower, I need to start checking out more mystery shows & movies, mystery was among my favorite genres when I was younger (that and science fiction).

The end,

-John Jr

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