Wyze Band

Wyze Band – Control your smart home from your wrist

What is it?

The 2020 smart band called the Wyze Band by Wyze.

Here is how Wyze describes the Wyze Band:

Wyze Band is so much more than your typical activity tracker. Wyze Band lets you control your smart home from your wrist. Don’t get us wrong! This bad boy is still every bit the activity and sleep tracker that you expect from a device sitting on your wrist. It can even track your heart rate. Take that and add to it the ability to control your smart home… Now that’s what we call a smart band.

Wyze Band can control your Wyze devices – Turn on or tune Wyze Bulb. Pause Wyze Cam notifications. Control your Wyze Plug. It will also work with future Wyze devices, and with Alexa built-in, Wyze Band can control many non-Wyze smart home products. Configure rules in the Alexa app and you can have Wyze Band controlling your smart TV, running your nighttime routine, and even fetching your favorite playlist. That’s some next-level stuff right there.

What else does Wyze Band got? How about a high-resolution, AMOLED touch screen. For those that aren’t techies out there, that’s a screen like what you have in your fancy smartphone. Customize that pixel-packed screen to make it your own. Upload your own image, or do like most people on the web do and rip off someone else’s work. Your wrist. Your choice, right?

Use Wyze Band to find your phone or receive call/app notifications. Heaven knows you can’t live without your phone for five minutes…

Don’t sweat the sweat or the shower. Wyze Band is 5ATM rated, meaning you can submerge it up to 50 metres for 10 minutes. So, unless you’ve recently taken up deep-sea diving, you won’t have problems taking this into the water with you. Wyze Band is designed to be comfortable and with a 10-day battery life, you’ll hardly ever need to take it off.

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Wyze Band Review – Smart Home Assistant & Activity Tracker..Only $25 dollars!

My Thoughts

I was 6 or more months late to learning about this smart band, if I had known about it months ago, I would have bought it months ago instead of the cheap dumb watch that I bought that was a disappointment, I wonder why no one mentioned the Wyze Band all of that time?

This was my first smart band so I had nothing else to compare it to, this is Wyze’s first smart band as well, it is also a budget smart band, and so lower your expectations & expect a few issues with this being a first generation product.

This smart band is mostly worth the price, they probably should lower the price to $20 though until they fix a few of the issues, but there are a few issues that I wish that they would fix.

My biggest annoyance with the Wyze Band is that water and putting your arms behind your back activates & unlocks the screen & selects various options on the band, this is super annoying & I almost sent the bands back the first day, but the announcement of the Wyze Watch & me wanting to support & give Wyze a chance stopped me from returning the Wyze Bands that I bought.

I plan on reporting this issue to Wyze because it needs to be fixed, one or more reviewers noticed this issue months ago when it first came out & any one using this should have noticed this by now so I am surprised that they still have not fixed this yet, and I hope that the Wyze Watch does not have this problem.

Oddly the Wyze Band currently has more features than the upcoming Wyze Watch, which is unfortunate because I was hoping for the upcoming Wyze Watch to be an improvement in every way over the Wyze Band, maybe they will add most of those features later, either way that means that even when the Wyze Watch comes out the Wyze Band will still have a place & might become a better buy if they fix the few issues with the Wyze Band.

I also question the Wyze Band’s accuracy on steps et cetera, they need to improve that too I think, the sleep tracking seems to have an issue where it will sometimes not show your sleep stats on the band until you sync with the Wyze app first each day but I could be wrong, and you can not see more than the current days stats from the band itself unfortunately so you have to use the Wyze app to see your stats across days / weeks / months / et cetera.

I also get random Alexa Alerts even though the band shows that no timers, alarms, or reminders are set under Alexa Alerts; and I had already uninstalled Amazon Alexa from my phone yesterday, and so I have no idea why it randomly says there are some Alexa Alerts.

The Wyze Band is able to get notifications, automatically track your sleep & steps & distance & calories burned & your heart rate, it shows you the current weather & up to four days, you can manually track runs & free training where it shows your workout time & heart rate & distance & calories burned et cetera which is nice, it has a flashlight & stopwatch option, it has a smart do not disturb option where it will usually not annoy you with notifications et cetera when you are sleeping, it has pretty good battery life & charges very quickly, you can set alarms, you can use Amazon Alexa & it gives you text responses, you have some control over some of your other Wyze products if you set that up under Shortcuts, it has a Find Phone option, and it tells the time & date & battery life.

If they fix some of the issues I can definitely recommend this for those looking for a budget smart band from an American company, though I wish that you could do more from the band without the app, either way it is still worth the price mostly especially compared to a budget dumb watch.

The end,

  • John Jr

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