Work | Brushing My Teeth With My Nephew CC

I had a variety of dreams that I remembered but that I let myself forget them without recording them which I have been doing increasingly recently after I stopped blogging my dreams the last week & few days, but I did record barely part of two dreams though.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place at The BP Library where I was working, I know that I saw several of my coworkers but I can not remember which ones, I do remember seeing a woman with light-color skin with medium-length red hair wearing a green maybe long sleeve shirt (maybe sweater) who I assumed to be my female coworker JB walking some patrons to The Children’s Section to find a book I assumed.

She seemed maybe thinner, I was far away & her back was facing me as they walked into that area, and so I did not get to see whether I was correct about that being JB or not; and then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside what looked like a hotel-like house or hotel room, there were no windows, but it seemed to be either night or early morning.

There was maybe a TV playing something in the living room and I walked to the other side of the room or house to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

While I was brushing my teeth while looking in the mirror I noticed that my nephew CC was standing in the doorway brushing his teeth as well to my surprise, when I spit out my toothpaste, he did the same, and so it was like he was following my lead.

I then greeted him and I probably said some positive things to him about how he brushed his teeth et cetera as encouragement, I then started to walk out the bathroom, he was ahead of me & went to do the same, but he accidentally walked into the face first; and then he started crying, and so I picked him up.

He quickly stopped crying as I walked him to the living room, my mom walked in & I told her what happened as I put him down on the ground so that he could walk, and I noticed that he was wearing an outfit that had a screen on the front where you could see a paused video game that he had been playing.

I then told him how cool that was & I asked him what video game was that on the screen on his outfit, he started telling me about it excitingly, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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