Stiff & Sore Neck Dreams

I did not record my dreams or think about them yesterday, and so now all that I can remember is that my last dreams were impacted by my stiff & sore neck that I have had since shortly after Christmas Eve when I got my DTAP & Flu vaccinations.

Somehow the dreams involved the neck stiffness & soreness, either as I moved around in the dream and / or maybe I was in bed in the dreams, but I can not remember the details.

Tokyo Godfathers – Movie Review

I saw this movie several years ago, it was not what I had expected with a name like Tokyo Godfathers, I was expecting a mafia movie or something, but instead it was a unique movie.

I am glad that Chris Stuckmann made a video about it because I have not made a post about it yet.

Prince & The Revolution – Kiss


Some of my aunts used to listen to this song (Kiss) from the music album Parade & some other Prince songs years ago, they were pretty big Prince fans, and this is one of those songs that I remember from back then.

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