A College Shooting? | The Future Vampire Elder

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream dream is that it took place during the day and I was at a college, I was a new student it seemed, and it seemed like this was the first day or was a sign-up day.

I remember walking down a courtyard after leaving a building, that had various college buildings along the left & right sides of it, and at both ends; and there were various students walking around.

As I and a female student with dark-color skin were approaching the end to enter the building on the left and / or after we entered the building, we started noticing a few other students laying on the ground bleeding, and there were more as we continued walking.

I then assumed that they had been shot, we stopped to look around to see what was going on, then we heard screams & panic, and we started to run as other students were running from further inside the building in our direction et cetera.

As we were running out I heard what sounded like suppressed gunshots like someone using a suppressor / silencer on a gun or they were using some kind of air powered weapon like a nail gun or something like that.

I assumed that someone was shooting up the college, and I assumed that they had shot people in this area first & were circling back to shoot more people & would probably move to the courtyard to shoot more people after that.

The female student & I ran to the other side of the courtyard, as we were passing the last building at the end I saw my female coworker Ms. JM inside the building sitting at a table with a group of women having a meeting, and so I stopped to decide whether I would have time to warn them & what advice I should give them.

I was not sure if they would have time to run without getting shot or would they be safer locking the building & hiding inside, I told the female student to continue escaping without me because I was about to warn Ms. JM & the others, and so she continued running.

I woke up either while I was warning Ms. JM & the others or after.

Dream 2

This dream involved the Underworld movie franchise after all the vampire elders were killed, in this dream Amelia had a daughter so she was next in line to become a vampire elder, and her daughter was going to be the next vampire elder soon because she was about to be old enough or something.

There were possibly some vampires who wanted to stop this, some of them were probably plotting to kill her, and Amelia’s daughter was ready to take the throne & she was making her plans of what she was going to do once she was made the vampire elder.

One of her plans was that she wanted to recruit Selene so that she would create a training program for & train the Death Dealers until their training program & those Death Dealers were combat ready enough to handle things without Selene if she decided to stop being over their training et cetera.

Amelia’s daughter wanted to make the Death Dealers greater than ever once she became the vampire elder.

Amelia’s daughter was sitting at a table with other vampires talking about these things as they were debating & making preparations, maybe those vampires were going to vote or something, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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