A South African Courtroom / Classroom?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and somehow I knew or felt that this dream took place in South Africa.

I seemed to be in a small room that was possibly a courtroom that looked more like a classroom, and I was near the left front side of the room where the only window was which had no screen & could open & was just large enough for a person to climb through.

There were other people in the room including my former male classmate DH who had a fictional young daughter with him, at the front of the room was a man with light-color skin wearing maybe khaki pants & a tucked in tennis shirt who I assumed to be the judge, and there was a man with medium or dark-color skin who I assumed to be on trial; and there were other random people sitting around watching.

Tenet Pitch Meeting

I watched the movie Tenet & several trailers & featurettes & reviews & explained videos & analysis videos et cetera about it, and this video did the best job breaking down the movie in a way that made it make sense while also showing the flaws of the movie; I now understand Tenet better than ever thanks to this video, thank you. 😀

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