A South African Courtroom / Classroom?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and somehow I knew or felt that this dream took place in South Africa.

I seemed to be in a small room that was possibly a courtroom that looked more like a classroom, and I was near the left front side of the room where the only window was which had no screen & could open & was just large enough for a person to climb through.

There were other people in the room including my former male classmate DH who had a fictional young daughter with him, at the front of the room was a man with light-color skin wearing maybe khaki pants & a tucked in tennis shirt who I assumed to be the judge, and there was a man with medium or dark-color skin who I assumed to be on trial; and there were other random people sitting around watching.

At some point the assumed man on trial got angry & he started attacking the assumed judge until two men who I assumed to be bailiffs / police entered the room to stop & arrest him, one of them had dark-color skin & the other had light-color skin & they both wore casual clothing, and they grappled with the man.

One of the assumed bailiff’s / police officers, the one with the dark-color skin, pulled out a revolver or pistol, he threatened to shoot the man, and he said that he was going to put the gun in his mouth & shoot him; but several of us in the crowd verbally responded to stop him & tell him that was not right.

This worked & they handcuffed the man, the bailiff with the light-color skin took him away while the bailiff with dark-color skin blocked the door still holding his handgun, they let all of the people who I assumed to be citizens of South Africa leave the room, but they did not let those of us who seemed to not be from South Africa leave the room oddly.

DH & his young daughter tried to leave but the bailiff forced them back to their seats still holding his handgun acting more like a criminal than law enforcement, I was wearing my gray hoodie & in my front pocket under my winter hat & gloves was a revolver to my surprise, and I signaled to DH to let him know that I had a revolver & that I was ready if necessary & he signaled that he had his service pistol (law enforcement) & was ready if necessary.

I wondered if they were going to interrogate & search us one-at-a-time or something, and why were they holding us in this room.

I signaled to DH that we might have to hide our guns in case they search us, I assumed that they would just barely pat us down, and so hiding my revolver under my winter hat & gloves would probably be enough; but I started trying to find a place in the room or outside the window where I could hide the guns if necessary.

I walked to the window that was either open or I opened it, I tried to act normal like I was just looking outside, and I tried to see if there was a ledge or something that was large enough to hide our guns on or something.

While doing that I made sure that my revolver was hidden under my winter hat & gloves well enough to not feel it during a pat down, and I hoped that DH had figured out a way to hide his pistol.

I also signaled to DH that we could escape through the window if necessary, and then we waited on alert ready for several scenarios hoping for the best while being ready for the worse.

But then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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