Chaos In Washington As Trump Supporters Storm Capitol And Force Lockdown Of Congress – BBC News

Chaos in Washington as Trump supporters storm Capitol and force lockdown of Congress – BBC News

Do not get me started on this, I spent most of my time after work watching & listening to the news about this, talking to some of my family about it, thinking about it, et cetera.

I had expected more violence, so things were more peaceful than I had expected, I had expected the security to go easier on them, which they did, but I was not expecting the security to be that terrible & unprepared & to let them attack / damage / rob / disrespect / breach / et cetera the capitol / security like that with that little consequence.

This was mostly predictable, embarrassing, unacceptable, annoying, sad, terrorism, treacherous, sedition, wrong, unnecessary, and so many other things.

The security failures were so bad that this definitely needs to be investigated, and some people need to be fired & arrested & retrained et cetera, and more; and the security needs an overhaul.

This goes beyond security though because we have some cultural, political, economic, et cetera issues / beliefs / et cetera & organizations & people that need to be dealt with now before this continues to get worse or we already know where this ends.

The end,

-John Jr

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