A Time Machine | A Time Traveling Girl

Dream 1

This dream started during the day with me riding by automobile with my supervisor Ms. JR, maybe her husband Mr. GR, maybe my coworker Mr. JM, and Mr. JH the husband of my former coworker Ms. CRH to a shopping center in a fictional city that I had false memories of having been to before.

This shopping center had several different businesses like a Dollar General, Goodwill, a small mall, et cetera; and there was a college nearby, and there were several parking lots.

We wanted to stop at one or more of the businesses like Goodwill, we possibly stopped at one or more of them like the Dollar General Store and / or I did in one of my false memories of having visited the shopping center in the past, but we drove around trying to figure out which side of the shopping center & parking lot it was on.

At some point I got out to walk so that I could cross to the other side through the shopping mall area to the other parking lot to find it, but I got lost in the mall.

At some point a boy with light-color skin and / or I found a time machine, it was covered with a plastic-like cover that you could only slightly see through, and the time machine looked like a partial rectangle with two longer walls & one shorter wall with maybe many blue squares like the squares were many screens or something; but I am not sure because we could not see it well through the plastic cover or sheet that was over it which was possibly more than one layer.

My audio recording of this dream during this part of the dream was too hard to hear because of background noise, so I am not sure if we got to use the time machine or not, probably, but I can not remember.

For reasons unknown I became wanted, for some reason the police / whoever thought that I was a terrorist, and they were looking for me; and I felt that they were going to kill me.

My wild guess is that because I found the time machine, and I assume that they wanted to keep that secret; and so I assume that they made up an excuse so that they could kill me and / or arrest me.

I guess they did not know about the boy fortunately, so he seemed to be safe, but we were still stuck in the mall which seemed to be closed; and so I remember us sneaking around trying to escape the building without being seen.

The police / whoever probably questioned my coworkers & Mr. JH et cetera, but I am not sure if they believed them about me allegedly being a terrorist or not.

Somehow I knew that my former male classmate DH, who works in law enforcement, had even been convinced by those after me that I was a terrorist, and I felt that even if I told him the truth that he would not believe me. (I somehow saw a scene of them trying to convince him, he did not want to believe it, but they somehow convinced him it seemed)

I remember the boy & I crawling under some tables toward a door that we hoped led to a room that we could use to cross to another area to escape, unfortunately when I opened the door a female janitor who was vacuuming by the door saw me, and she called the police on me.

The boy turned around & sneaked the other way without her noticing, I hoped that he would escape, and that maybe he would tell people the truth if I was killed and / or arrested; but that would probably be too dangerous for him, and so he probably was better off never saying anything which would save his life if no one ever knew that he was involved.

The police / whoever were probably already in the building, I assumed that they would have people guarding the time machine, so I would probably not be able to use it to get out of this situation, I just hoped that people would know the truth before or after I was killed and / or arrested, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it also involved time travel & maybe it was connected to the previous dream, there was a girl with dark-color skin with black hair who was possibly a fictional family member of mine, maybe a cousin, and she had possibly came in contact with a time machine (maybe the one from the previous dream) and / or she somehow had the power to time travel either physically and / or mentally and / or spiritually.

I remember us being at a one story house, near the entrance was a bed, she was on the bed somehow time traveling while I stood guard because some people / organization / government / law enforcement / whoever was after her / us; I assume that they wanted her because of her time travel ability and / or because like me she knew about time travel & maybe their time travel machine.

She got better with time traveling as the dream went on, at the end of the dream she was able to communicate with herself in the past and / or future, probably past, somehow she was possibly physically in the present but also somehow mentally and / spiritually in the past or future, and had that version of herself trying to make changes in the past to see if it would impact the present and / or future.

She basically was doing experiments I guess so that she could try to change some things that were wrong with the world in the present and that might happen in the future, it was pretty interesting & complex & crazy, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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