Muhammad Ali | A Stolen Turkey

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that the end of the dream involved me sitting in a room by a bed that an old bed ridden Muhammad Ali was laying on, and we were talking; and a female nurse was in the room tending to his medical needs et cetera.

It did not seem that Mr. Ali had much time left to live, he seemed to be in pain & could not even sit up in the bed really, and he was talking about the realities of The United States past / present / future especially involving the bad things like: racism, bigotry, income inequality, imperialism / war / violence, police brutality, et cetera.

He also gave his opinions on some of the positive things that could be done et cetera, at one point he tried to move & that caused him pain, and the nurse had to step in to help him; and then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day at a fictional small one-story house that I was staying at with some of my family I assume, a delivery man with light-color skin was outside the house about to make a delivery, and he told me that he caught a man with dark-color skin with a bicycle stealing a turkey out of his delivery vehicle.

The delivery man asked me to help him, the man he accused was there still & he seemed like someone familiar who would often ride his bicycle through the neighborhood, and so I basically did a peaceful citizen’s arrest by asking the man to walk inside our house & sit on the living room couch until the police come to handle the situation.

I told the delivery man to call the police, he went outside to do that I assume, he had the turkey back so that was good, and several fictional men with medium-to-dark color skin I knew showed up to visit; and I guess the delivery man left.

I told them what had happened, they probably had seen the accused man before & at least one of them possibly knew his first name, we briefly talked to him, but then we got distracted talking to each other.

I started to feel somewhat bad for the man, I wondered if he was just hungry & needed food, and then I realized that he had sneaked away while we were distracted talking to each other.

Eventually the men left, the police never showed up, the delivery man returned to delivery a package that he forgot to drop off, and I told him about how the man had escaped & how the police had never showed up; and after he left I realized that I forgot to ask him if he had even called the police like I told him to.

I then started to think that maybe it was good that the police did not show up, the delivery man got his turkey back, and the man avoided jail.

I hoped that he would not steal again, I planned on talking to him about the situation the next time that I saw him to see if he needed help / access to food, and to see if I could get him to promise to not steal again; and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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