An It-Like Entity & Zac Efron

All that I can remember of this dream after forgetting most of it after failing to record it earlier, is that it was clearly inspired by the IT movies & it involved a possible It-like entity who could possibly possess / manipulate people, and this assumed entity was scarier than It in my opinion.

This assumed entity was in a certain unknown town, like in the IT movies, a group of young people had faced it once, but now it was many years later where they were somewhat old & had left the town; but in the dream they returned to the town to visit it.

New Video: What Nearman Did After Letting Protesters In

I would not have known about this if it were not for someone on YouTube, I am surprise that the mainstream news that I follow has not really mentioned this, hopefully they will be held responsible.

Best Of Anime 2020

Best of Anime 2020

I did not see any of these top anime picks of 2020 by Gigguk.

I did see the terrible Netflix anime TV show Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045 (Season 1) which was the worst anime in the Ghost In The Shell franchise & either the worst or second worst anything in the Ghost In The Shell franchise (the live action movie Ghost In The Shell (2017) is the other worst thing in the franchise) in my opinion; I do not recommend watching those two entries in the franchise, but do watch the other Ghost In The Shell anime TV shows & anime movies.

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