An It-Like Entity & Zac Efron

All that I can remember of this dream after forgetting most of it after failing to record it earlier, is that it was clearly inspired by the IT movies & it involved a possible It-like entity who could possibly possess / manipulate people, and this assumed entity was scarier than It in my opinion.

This assumed entity was in a certain unknown town, like in the IT movies, a group of young people had faced it once, but now it was many years later where they were somewhat old & had left the town; but in the dream they returned to the town to visit it.

During the older people’s visit to their old town, they discovered a group of young people in town who were facing the entity, and so the older people joined the young people to help them face the entity.

The older people told the young people about how they had faced the entity many years ago, and they tried to share some information as they entered an abandoned two story house that the older people said was one of the places where the entity would likely be found; and I joined them as they entered the house.

We never saw the entity but we somewhat sensed its presence, and it seemed that it possessed and / or manipulated several of the young people possibly.

I remember one of the young men who had dark-color skin with black hair acting strange like he had been possessed, he sort of blanked out & stood there at some point, and eventually we started acting normal again like maybe the entity had jumped to someone else & possessed them.

The young man had no memory of the last minute or so after that happened to him, and then a young woman in the group with light-color skin started to act strange like maybe she was possessed now.

Eventually she started acting normal again, after that we were not sure if anyone else was possessed now or not, and then the dream jumped to what seemed to be an unrelated movie scene.

The scene involved a teenaged Zac Efron playing the role of a famous singer who was having a concert, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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