Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2

What is it?

The 2017 documentary Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2.

Alien Contact: NASA Exposed 2
Alien Contact Nasa Exposed 2 – Official Trailer

My Thoughts

This was another short documentary that I mostly listened to while doing other things, and it was the shortest yet.

This documentary kept using poorly done CGI fake spacecraft in many of the video clips which was unnecessary, cringey, and goofy in my opinion.

This documentary also constantly jumps to conclusions instead of keeping a more open mind, it kept jumping to aliens as the most likely explanation for this phenomenon, and this is a common annoyance with media about this phenomenon.

The jumping to conclusions also hurt the parts of the documentary when they mentioned statements et cetera by various astronauts, NASA employees, soldiers, et cetera.

I think that they should have stated the facts, the unknowns, their opinions, and several other possibilities which would have made this a better documentary because in its current state it is more difficult to take it as seriously even though I believe that this phenomenon should be taken seriously.

The end,

-John Jr

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