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Below is an outdated segment from my About Page where I gave some blogging advice for users.

I may update it one day.

I wanted to remove it from my About Page so that I could shorten that page.

So I am making it its own post that can be updated & referred to later if I ever bother to update it one day.

Blogging Advice

I recommend following News.

Possibly participating in the Blogging University.

Following WordPress Tavern.

Reading Learn

Searching on Support when you need help with something on

Contacting the Staff for help using their Contact Page or by emailing them at, and getting help from the Community by using the Forums.

I recommend blogging something at least once a week.

Regularly previewing new free Themes.

Using a Custom Menu on your blog with several links like: a link to a Home Page, a link to an About Page that also has a contact form and an archive index on it, and a Social Links Menu.

Updating your Gravatar Profile, and updating your Account Information.

Replying to comments and sometimes commenting on the blogs of those who comment on your blog.

Enabling Likes and Comment Likes and Share Buttons on your blog.

Connecting your blog to your social networks using the Publicize options.

Never let your combined tag and category count on each post be greater than 15 per post, or your posts will not show up in the Reader; and your posts will possibly show up lower in search engine results or not at all.

Consider using the more block (more tag) on your posts.

Consider using some widgets, not too many though, I would not recommend using more than 10 widgets.

Thank you,

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