Strange Sounds In A Park | A Criminal Pretending To Be A Kid

Dream 1

I am at a park at night with family, we are going to camp out there, we hear strange sounds & then voices like maybe a girl’s voice who needs helped followed by maybe an adult male voice talking to her along with the strangeness, it was not clear if the voices were really people or not, or something trying to mimic human voices while making other sounds.

My brothers TDC & KDC & I go to investigate, I tell them to each bring a stick to defend ourselves just in case, the area where the sounds were coming from was some land surrounded by the paved walking trail, there was maybe some light, but there were various obstacles in the way with raised areas & lower areas preventing us from seeing anything from the trail.

TDC & KDC tried to move in closer for a better view & I followed at a distance, we were too cautious to get closer, something was too weird & dangerous about what we were hearing, like something was luring us into a trap, so we did not get closer, and I told my brothers to call the police to investigate while we went back to the trail.

We still did not see anything as we waited, the police possibly arrived & moved in closer, something that we could not see probably attacked them, whatever it was seemed more paranormal & possibly invisible or it could paralyze you if you looked at it, so I told my brothers to run while I tried to distract it, and so they ran.

I looked down & away, I heard whatever it was moving or hovering or flying or teleporting or whatever, but I did not look.

I stood still holding my stick ready to block & attack, nothing happened like maybe it needed me to look at it to be able to attack me, I refused to look, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

It is night & I am waiting on my parents near a gas station by or in our automobile, they went inside the gas station or a nearby store, and I was approached by what looked like a strange looking boy who looked like a man to me; but he claimed to be a kid.

I can not remember what he wanted, I just remember trying to help him with something, we walked to a nearby area, he seemed suspicious & he did not seem like a kid to me, and so I avoided helping him with any of his suspicious requests; but I did help him with one or two things that I can not remember.

He wanted me to take him somewhere & maybe give him some money, I refused, instead I offered to call someone official to help him, and they came & picked him up.

Later I learned that he lied to them about me wanting to adopt him & he tried to set that up, and I learned that he was really a man like I had expected; and that he was a criminal & gang member or gang affiliated with a Latin gang probably.

My dad returned, I went to tell him about it inside a small shack nearby, but there was a woman in there who knew the man.

Something weird happened where she sewed something on my dad’s back or sewed his hands behind his back, she was with the Latin gang it seemed, some workers from the nearby gas station ran over after us thinking that we were up to no good, and they chased us.

But then I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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