The Foundations And Pillars Are Gone

What Is It?

A poem that I made back in maybe 2011.

The foundations and pillars are gone.

A fallen house remains.

As the survivors crawl away divided and lost until the day that they die, and fade away… fade away… fade away.

– John Jr (2011)

My Thoughts

I first posted this poem on my blog back in 2014 on a post called Partying With College Students | The Avatar Decides To Keep The Spirit Portals Open, and this is what I said about it in that post:

I found out this morning from my dad that my grandfather CE, my last living grandparent, died; and I remembered a quote / poem / whatever that I made back in 2011 that was probably inspired by me thinking about when my grandmother DE died, and I probably also made it for when this day was to come / happen.

The end,

  • John Jr

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