Stopping A Woman From Punching A Baby

I did not record the rest of my dreams so I forgot them, but I do remember the very end of my last dream that took place inside a room.

I was in the room with various people sitting at tables maybe watching a movie on a TV or something, and at some point I heard someone (maybe a woman) yell: “she is punching her baby!”.

I looked across the room where I shockingly saw a thin mentally unstable acting woman with light-color skin with strange redness in some areas (I was not sure if it was a rash or burns or blood or what it was) with long straight medium or dark-color hair standing by her table standing over her baby, who was in a high chair, and she was just punching the baby repeatedly like someone using the ground-and-pound strategy (except she was standing).

I ran over there immediately to protect the baby, others were watching in shock, but I was not about to sit there & watch a baby getting punched like that.

I immediately ran in front of the woman grabbing her arm in a wristlock & taking her down gently to the ground, I calmly tried to get her to calm down, I had her close her eyes, and I had her do some breathing exercises.

I still had her on the ground, basically doing a citizen’s arrest until the police arrive, my technique actually got her to calm down; and she stayed on the ground without resisting as she continued to follow the relaxation technique(s) that I had her do.

I forgot to mention that a few people ran over to help only after I ran over there, they took care of the baby while I handled the mother, but I woke up as we waited for the police & ambulance to arrive.

The end,

-John Jr

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