The X-Files (Season 10)

What is it?

The 2016 TV show The X-Files (Season 10) (X-Files: The Event Series).

The X-Files Trailer (HD)
THE X FILES [Season 10] Official Trailer | 1080p HD
The X-Files – Season 10 Review

My Thoughts

My brother GC and I saw this season of The X-Files back when it came out a couple of years ago.

I remember Fox Mulder acting washed up in the beginning and us having some problems with this season, but it was not all bad.

There were some things that we liked and there was an interesting situation going on that I am surprised that no one has compared to the COVID-19 pandemic yet.

Things started to get interesting at the end but this season suddenly ended on a cliffhanger that was not resolved even in the following season.

We still liked this season better than season 11.

The end,

-John Jr

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