Sleep Paralysis | The Paul Family + VR / AR + Flying?

Dream 1

I had this dream shortly after going to sleep, I was in maybe a hotel room with some of my family (my brother GC, my parents, and one or two of my other brothers), and I remember getting in bed & trying to go to sleep or actually falling asleep in the dream.

I then felt someone / something pushing me from behind with what I assumed to be their feet, I am not sure if this woke me up inside the dream or if I was still awake inside the dream, my eyes were still closed, then I felt someone / something pushing me from the front, and so I tried to open my eyes to see what was going on.

This caused me to wake up in the real world still paralyzed & with my eyes still closed, I felt the same feeling of being pushed from both sides by something / someone while now hearing an unknown voice of who / what I assumed to be pushing me & maybe this voice was also laughing / taunting me like this was a joke.

I tried to move or open my eyes but I was still paralyzed, this all happen in just a few short seconds, then I was able to move & open my eyes, and nothing / no one was there in the room as expected.

Dream 2

This was a very interesting creative unique dream that was longer & more complex et cetera than I can describe, partly because I forgot a lot of it, and it was the type of dream that is difficult to follow logically.

At some point in the dream it was day and I was with some of my family arriving at what seemed to be the house of a family who was like or was the Paul family, including Jake Paul & Logan Paul, they bought a tech company that somewhat reminded me of Facebook, I had recently started working there, and we entered the first part of what I thought was the house.

The next thing that I remember is a room of advanced technology that some scientists were working on for the tech company, a female scientist with light-color skin was showing me around as the other scientists worked & one or more of the Paul brothers walked around the room checking on the progress & watching us, and the female scientist seemed surprised that I did not know about any of this experimental technology.

The female scientist started to explain some of the technology to me & then she asked me to try on what looked like some kind of virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR) headset or device, then it seemed like I lost consciousness, and then the next thing that I remember is that it felt like something was possibly attached to my upper spine like maybe they either attached some technology to my body or they implanted some technology inside my body.

I heard them telling me that they needed to calibrate it, I was still recovering from being unconscious or whatever as they had me follow their calibration procedures, as they did this I started to notice changes, including being able to see more & more clearly without my glasses on as they calibrated the technology on or in me.

They told me that & other improvements & changes to my body & mind would happen as a result of their experimental technology, they would not give me the important details, and they would not tell me if it was attached to or inside my body without my permission or not.

I do remember that the technology used vibrations to impact the mind / body, they were able to have it vibrate at various frequencies or whatever that would have various effects, I worried about them using it to mind control me & alter my memories & perception, but I also started seeing & feeling some of the improvements.

My neck did feel stiff though, it felt like I had a VR / AR rig attached to my body or something, during this calibration process I started to see things like my mind was being connected to a virtual world / a virtual world was being projected into my reality.

Eventually I possibly fully connected to a virtual reality-like world with other people & maybe entities, in this world I & some of the others had powers, there was some kind of threat to this world that was growing, and I remember exploring.

I needed to urinate so I went to find a bathroom at some kind of sports stadium, maybe a sporting event had just ended, and I went to a men’s locker room / bathroom to use the bathroom.

Jack Nicholson or a man similar to him who was a celebrity was there, and I heard a male coach or someone with light-color skin saying that he was probably in one of the stalls with a female prostitute with light-color skin who often worked this area & who was one of his favorites.

I did not see where he went but I assumed that they were in one of the stalls, I probably heard them, I wanted nothing to do with this, I just needed to urinate, and so I went into an empty stall to do so.

Maybe some Japanese business men showed up with some other people to have some kind of secret meeting, it was very Illuminati-like / secret society-like & seemed dangerous, I wanted nothing to do with this either & I did not want them to see me, and so I sneaked away after using the bathroom.

I went outside & I remember flying around exploring, possibly fighting threats sometimes using various dream powers along with some other people with powers who were also trying to stop the threat that was increasingly getting worse, and this was very fun.

This world became more unique & interesting as I explored, it was day on one side of the world & night on the other side, and I remember flying over a field of small grassy hills & flowers & graceful floating flying / floating people and / or goddess-like entities some of which were like large female humanoids of fog or mist or clouds who were having fun flying & floating around over the flowers singing & humming lovely songs & using their peaceful powers to help the land & plants et cetera.

Some or all of them were possibly people who possibly could shapeshift because one of them reminded me of or was ContraPoints (Natalie Wynn).

It was a beautiful moment flying over the night area where they were flying / floating over the flowers et cetera singing & using their peaceful powers, I felt that they were powerful & would help defend their area against the threat, and I felt that we would need them in the battles to come.

After flying back to the day area there was a building with some people I knew like some of my former classmates with medium-to-dark color skin, and I landed to play some basketball with them in a cramped area inside a building.

This was fun as well & including basketball & singing, like this was a musical or something, and I woke up when I was flying from this area or I possibly returned to the normal dream world where the scientists were briefly; but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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