Working From Home & My Brothers Get Bit By Snakes

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at my parents house, something happened (probably bad weather like in real life) where The BP Library told my coworkers & I that we had to work from home for the day, and so I was working from home during the morning I assume.

My mom told me that one of my coworkers called her & sent her a website link (URL) that she or they wanted me to check out / work on, and so I started working on / checking that website link.

While I was working on that I heard that one of my brothers got bit by a snake, I assume that it was a non-poisonous snake & that he was okay, because I kept working on the link double-checking things et cetera instead of us taking him to the hospital.

At some point my brother CC, who was a kid again, told me that he also got bit by snake; and that he thought that it was probably poisonous.

CC had the snake in his hand, it was weird looking, it was mostly just a snake head without much of a body, the head was longer like the body & head was one small piece, and we walked into the bathroom.

I told CC that we would kill it, I was going to have him set it down in the bathtub so that I could kill it, but he threw the snake into the toilet before I could tell him.

CC said that he was not feeling well & so I wanted to take him to the hospital, the snake was still in the toilet, and instead of killing the snake I was going to put it in a jar so that we could take it to the hospital with us so that the doctors could identify it et cetera.

I told CC to control his breathing & try to stay calm & not move too much, I had him step out of the bathroom so that I could tell my mom & get a jar to put the snake in before we rush to the hospital, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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