Communicating With A Dreaming Person Is Possible

Dream Hacking: Watch 3 Groundbreaking Experiments on Decisions, Addictions, and Sleep I NOVA I PBS

The video above is from the PBS TV show Nova, which also has an article called Communicating With A Dreaming Person Is Possible, which is about an interesting lucid dream study involving communicating with lucid dreamers while they are in a lucid dream:

I found out about this new study thanks to my former male classmate SS, I already knew about a past study that did basically the same on a simpler scale, but I had not heard about the new study until he told me about it.

As a lucid dreamer & a person who is interested in sleep & dreams et cetera, I hope that they will continue to explore these topics.

One experiment that I want to do in a future lucid dream is to try to talk to my subconscious to see if it can communicate back to me, I am also curious if it will take a human form or will it just be a voice, to see if I can learn anything about myself and / or make any changes to myself.

The end,

-John Jr

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