A Competition & Locker Room & Explosion

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in a building that was possibly partly or mostly a college or school, and I was in a competition with other people including my formal male classmate AM.

I can not remember what the competition was about, I do remember that I was tricked into wearing an outfit during the competition, which ended up looking like a dress or something; which I was not happy about at all, but the competition was going on so I could not stop.

After the competition we all went to some locker rooms, males & females, to change clothes.

After changing clothes I realized that I lost some of my stuff that I had in my pockets & so did AM, and so we both started looking around the very crowded locker room for our stuff that we lost.

I can not remember if I found my stuff or not, I just remember walking out of the locker room to an indoor courtyard-like area with various doors leading to the outside, and I saw a Russian man with light-color skin who almost done setting traps on most of the doors.

It looked like he had bombs on all but one door that was on the right side of the room, he was still rigging the door to the left of it, and so I headed straight toward the door without bombs.

Unfortunately other people were starting to leave the locker rooms as well, one of them was a man with light-color skin who reached one of the bomb rigged doors before I could warn him, I was not far from the safe door.

Even worse it was the door not far from the safe door, I did not have time to run through the safe door or take proper cover, the Russian man who was rigging the last bomb did not have time to run or take cover; and the Russian man tried to warn the man, but it was too late.

I only had time to fall on the floor for cover, I closed my eyes as the bomb exploded, I felt glass or some kind of other debris hit me in the back; and it felt real.

I felt the impact, which was not strong, I felt the pressure of the glass or debris on my clothing & I could feel my clothing, it felt real, but I did not feel pain.

I was not sure if the glass or debris had only landed on me or if it had went through my clothes & into my body, I kept my eyes closed, and I laid there still waiting to see if the pain would hit me.

I assumed that the man & the Russian man were dead, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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