A Village In A Virtual World?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a man with light-color skin who seemed to have entered a video game-like virtual world where he had an idea of some of the things that would likely happen in the future in this world.

I assumed that he knew the possible future of this world because he probably played this assumed video game before, and he went to a small village to ask the villagers to help him & train him.


Take Time

What Is It?

The YouTube playlist below called Take Time is of a music album (EP) called Take Time by the musician Giveon that I listened to recently:


Here is how Wikipedia describes this music album (EP):

Take Time is the debut EP by American R&B singer and songwriter Giveon, released by Epic Records on March 27, 2020.[1]

On the US Billboard Heatseekers chart, it was ranked as number one for three weeks in a row, beginning with January 16, 2021.[2]

The EP later peaked at number 35 on the Billboard 200.[3]

On March 12, 2021, Take Time was nominated for Best R&B Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.[4]

Robyn Mowatt of Okayplayer said that “Take Time is one hell of a debut.

It stands out amongst the auto-tuned, generic R&B music that many artists have become comfortable shelling out”.[6]

Nerisha Penrose of Elle called the EP “a masterpiece” and said that “World We Created” is “the song I can’t stop singing”.[7]

1.“The Beach”Giveon Evans Matthew Samuels Jacob Rabitsch Carlos MuñozBoi-1da Yakob Loshendrix3:25
2.“World We Created”Trey Campbell Rupert Thomas, Jr. Maneesh Bidaye RabitschSevn Thomas Maneesh Yakob3:13
3.“Take Time” (interlude)Evans 0:45
4.“Favorite Mistake”EvansThomas, Jr. Rodrigo BarahonaSevn Thomas Giveon Barahona2:52
5.“This Ain’t Love”Evans Ebony OshunrindeJahaan Sweet Muñoz Varren Wade Anthony Clemons, Jr.WondaGurlSweet Loshendrix2:44
6.Heartbreak AnniversaryEvans Thomas, Jr. Bidaye WadeSevn Thomas Maneesh3:18
7.“Like I Want You”Evans Thomas, Jr. Sweet Thomas Paxton-Beesley MuñozMarcus SemajSevn Thomas Sweet River Tiber Loshendrix4:20
8.“Vanish”EvansThomas, Jr.Anthony BerkleyKelsey GonzalezSevn ThomasBerkli MusicGonzlez3:29
Total length:24:06