A Village In A Virtual World?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a man with light-color skin who seemed to have entered a video game-like virtual world where he had an idea of some of the things that would likely happen in the future in this world.

I assumed that he knew the possible future of this world because he probably played this assumed video game before, and he went to a small village to ask the villagers to help him & train him.

The man basically tried to make an offer with the village, he told them that if they helped him & trained him, that he would one day become a famous warrior & he would share a lot of what he knew of the possible future with them.

He told them that their village would gain fame et cetera for having helped & trained a great famous warrior, that he would protect the village, and that his knowledge of the future would help them in various ways.

He also asked an attractive woman in the crowd if she would consider marrying him one day once she got to know him & once he proved that his predictions of the future were true.

The villagers were very skeptical, so he shared various future predictions with them, and he presented it like a prophecy hoping to better connect with villages from an older time period like this.

They did not agree fully, they did offer to help him a bit while they wait to see if his prophecies came true or not, and to their surprise the few prophecies that he shared came true so they accepted his offer.

The woman gave him a chance as well, as time past she got closer & closer to agreeing to marrying him until she either did get married or they at least were engaged.

The village was prospering thanks to the man’s predictions et cetera, he was doing well & was growing as a warrior, and so it was a win-win for everyone; and everyone was increasingly happy, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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