Apartment Parties & Kate Beckinsale & A Baby Brother Emergency?

There was more to this dream than I can remember now, it took place over the course of several days or more, and the dream involved me coming to & from a fictional multi-story apartment where I lived.

I lived on an upper floor of this apartment, the apartment was in the style of a hotel where you had to go inside the building to get to your apartment room, and one day or even or night I had a party at my apartment.

It was not a planned party, I probably invited a few people over who probably invited some other people without telling me, and then some of my neighbors et cetera showed up unannounced to join the fun; and then it became a party.

At some point in the dream on another day I was at the apartment when I saw someone who lived at the apartment with one or more women, the woman or women acted very robotic, they looked human, but they did not act human.

Their movements, body language, response times, facial expressions, et cetera were all slower & delayed & robotic & inhuman.

They acted more like very simple androids who had not been taught or trained how to be more human yet, I can not remember enough details to make sense of this or who or what the women were, I just know that I was walking when I saw them & I briefly stopped to talk to them.

They did not talk much at all, they mostly stood there like they were waiting on orders or something from the person who lived in the apartment who they were with, and so I mostly talked to that person (possibly a neighbor).

In another part of the dream, possibly another day, I was walking & talking through a building (maybe a store) with several people including a woman who either was or was like Kate Beckinsale, and she told us a story of something that happened to her back when she was in college.

She told us that once back in college she was outside on a hill during the day at or near her college, some other students were possibly in the area, maybe she had left a party, and it seems that she lost consciousness outside on the hill for reasons unknown.

She remembered waking up with no memory of what happened to her, she had some bad feelings about this, like something happened bad happened to her, but she had no memory of it.

This memory still haunted her because she was not sure what happened & if anyone had caused this & if they did something to her while she was unconscious.

Eventually we reached the outside of our apartment & we went our separate ways, I then met the robotic acting woman or women including some others I had not met before, and they ended up joining me as I walked to my apartment.

Now that the other person was not with them, they were following me like they were waiting on my orders or something, it was weird, and they still acted like androids who were waiting to be trained / taught to be more human.

As we walked through the hallways some of my neighbors saw us & falsely assumed that I was having another party, so they joined us, and some former classmates of mine happened to be there & they joined us too.

Once we reached my apartment I now had a group of people expecting a party, I remember us sitting down to talk, I remember some of my female neighbors trying to talk to the android-like women, they seemed to notice how inhuman they acted & how they barely talked, but the android-like women started to act slightly more human as the people communicated with them.

After that the others did not seem suspicious of them anymore, at some point I walked to the kitchen to realize that even more people had entered my apartment without me knowing, some of them were people I knew, and they were expecting a party; and now I had a large group of people there & growing all expecting a party.

Fortunately most of my family showed up, I explained the situation to them, and they started helping me prepare food et cetera; and then the party started as we continued working quickly to turn it into a real party with music, food, drinks, games, et cetera.

At some point I walked over to where my mom was, she was standing next to a table with divided areas for babies to sleep / lay in, nearby were some couches with people on them, and on the table were several babies including a fictional baby brother of mine & maybe my new nephew WC or a slightly older baby brother.

My fictional baby brother or the youngest one looked somewhat like me when I was a baby, the other babies belonged to some of the people at the party I assumed, things seemed normal at first until my baby brother started crying, and then he turned where his blanket was covering him where I could not see.

Then there was what seemed like a small explosion of blood in that area, I ran over to my crying baby brother to see blood all over him, his crying was worse like he was in pain, I was not sure what happened, and I started to panic.

I yelled to everyone that there was an emergency, that the party was over, to please exit the apartment, and I called emergency services after maybe handing my baby brother to my mom as some others got the other babies.

Oddly a female detective answered the phone when I called emergency services, I described the emergency, and she said that they were on their way; and I hung up the phone.

I then found one or more women hiding in my apartment instead of leaving like the others, but I got her to leave with my brother GC.

I then went to get my pea coat so that I could leave the apartment too, but the detective & some other investigators arrived.

I then took them to the area where the blood explosion or whatever happened, but someone or something had cleaned most of the area & you could see what looked like maybe powder and / or foam carpet cleaner sprayed around the area.

It seemed that someone or something had somehow done a quick clean job, that they probably were not finished, and fled when they heard us coming.

The female detective asked me why did I clean up the evidence, crime scene, she assumed that I did it, but I explained that I had no idea who had done it.

This was really going to mess up their investigation, she was frustrated, and I was confused by who or what had done this & why.

I woke up as I stood there trying to figure this out & trying to figure out whether this was a good thing or bad thing overall, and I hoped that my baby brother was okay.

The end,

-John Jr

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