Unconsciousness | The Supreme Witch | Sports

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that during some point in the dream I heard the song Way Down by Rae Khalil playing:

Way Down

At some point in the dream during the day, maybe after leaving an amusement park-like place, I went to a restaurant, my coworker / assistant director Ms. JM happened to be there sitting at one of the tables, and so I joined her.

At some point I somehow lost consciousness in the dream without realizing it, I just remember waking up still in the dream feeling very groggy like I had been drugged and / or like I had been very tired and / or something, and I was still sitting at the table with Ms. JM.

As I was waking up in the dream Ms. JM was telling some of my former classmates, who happened to be sitting at a nearby table, that we were on a date, after struggling to sit up still feeling very groggy wondering what happened & how I had lost consciousness while talking, I went to respond to her statement with confusion wondering if there was some kind of misunderstanding.

I let my former classmates know that it was not a date, that I had happened to see her there by chance & I joined her, that it was completely unplanned, and it was just two coworkers talking & having eating a meal; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I do not think that I was in this dream at all, and this dream involved the characters Madison Montgomery & Fiona Goode from the TV show American Horror Story outside during the day having a bit of an argument over The Supreme Witch position / title / role.

AHS: Everything We Know About Madison Montgomery

Madison was her usual defiant self, which annoyed Fiona, and Fiona told Madison not to underestimate her.

Fiona felt that she could defeat Madison even at her old age & as her power was decreasing & supposedly going to Madison, who Fiona thought was going to be the new Supreme Witch, and Fiona seemed that she was starting to consider risking killing Madison.

Fiona warned Madison about that, that she could just kill Madison & continue being The Supreme Witch if she wanted to, Madison was not afraid at all & was over confident as usual, and she probably told Fiona to go ahead & try to kill her.

Madison probably told Fiona that she was old & washed up, that trying to kill her was the best that Fiona would be able to accomplish, and that Fiona is the one who would lose & die if they fought.

The two went back & forth, Madison roasting Fiona (we are talking supreme roasting Madison style) & Fiona lecturing & threatening Madison about showing respect et cetera, neither willing to stand down due to pride & ego et cetera, neither made the first move to start the fight, the faceoff continued, and I can not remember if it ended or not before the dream ended.

Dream 3

Part of this dream took place inside a house where I was watching my brother TDC play a football video game, maybe a college football game, and he was scoring a lot of points with crazy plays & crazy field goals from unique angles et cetera; he was destroying the other team, like the Super Rams team that my brother GC & I made on Madden 2003 many years ago.

At some point my mom & maybe my dad left to attend a sports game, maybe a high school football game or something, and later I went there too during the evening.

I did not see my mom or maybe my dad when I arrived, the game was still going on as I walked through the bleachers as people watched the video game, and after the game I saw my mom as I was walking across the bleachers.

My mom told me that she had been on an upper floor of a building near the top of the bleachers in the middle watching the game from the windows, and then we started trying to leave.

Somehow when I turned around the bleachers in my area were rotten wood instead of metal now & the bleachers in my area were pushed forward where you had almost no room to walk between them, and this confused me.

I tried to walk through this area while trying to make sense of this, but a rotten piece of wood that was in my way moved & caused me to fall at an angle where I was in the air going down to where I would fall down below in a way that would possibly seriously injure me or kill me.

I possibly woke up when I landed or shortly afterward, so I am not sure how injured I was or whether I died or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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