Endless Elevators | Mr. Wednesday’s Plan

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day & I was returning to a college that I had not been to in maybe a month so that I could go to class, there was a fighting tournament taking place as well, but many of the fighters were getting taken out (attacked) before they could even reach the tournament.

The college campus was pretty big with multi-story buildings, I thought that my class was on a second floor, I was not sure, but I tried to make my way there; and I was wearing dress clothes.

I reached an elevator at some point & I entered it alone, while in the elevator it was taking a long time, the elevator was moving, but it did not seem to stop unless it did during the times where it would shake.

Sometimes the elevator would shake, I would have to brace myself to avoid falling, at some point I got tired of being trapped in the elevator, and I probably pushed some buttons until it finally took me to another floor & I got out.

This floor was possibly an office room with another elevator that was just a square on the carpeted floor that took me up to another office where I found another similar elevator, and this pattern repeated for several floors with each floor being just an office room with a floor elevator.

I got tired of being stuck in this cycle of indoor office rooms with elevators, I wondered how could there be this many floors & elevators, and when I finally reached an office that was connected to something else that seemed to be a gym.

I decided to walk through the gym to find an exit to a hallway or something so that I could avoid the endless elevators, there were some athletes & maybe their coach training in the gym as I walked by, and as I was about to walk out the exit I was approached by a man with light-color skin who may have been a janitor / student.

The man somewhat jokingly told me that I had to be careful walking around looking suspicious, he continued walking & talking with me as we entered a hallway, and I told him that I was lost & trying to find my class.

I told him which class I was trying to find & he told me that I was in the correct building & that it was on the second floor, so I was correct about that, and maybe he gave me some directions.

We reached an interesting upper area that seemed like something from some of my past dreams that was like a walking area near a jewelry section at Walmart combined with a multi-story shopping mall combined with a college, the hard floor was white, and we were near escalators and / or stairs going down to another floor that we could see.

I met Amarna Miller here who seemed to be my girlfriend or wife in this dream, some of my former male classmates (maybe JC, DH, MT, & JB) happened to be here too, and so we all talked.

The janitor / student-like man probably left, I said goodbye to my former classmates, and Amarna & I were going to go eat at a cafeteria or restaurant either before my class or after it; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was probably inspired by me watching an episode of American Gods (Season 3) yesterday.

This dream took place inside a multi-story apartment, I found out that I was the son of the Old God Mr. Wednesday, my mom was a human, and so that made me a demigod.

My fictional father Mr. Wednesday wanted me to help him recruit some other gods, goddesses, deities, and maybe a few humans / demigods for some kind of plan of his that he did not explain to me; and so I went out to find & talk to the deities & people on his list.

I am not sure if this happened before or during this, but part of the dream involved me going into apartment rooms without permission for reasons unknown.

The owners of these apartment rooms were not there at the time, I am not sure what all I did in each apartment, but I do know that I probably used their computers & internet et cetera to look up some things et cetera before leaving.

I have a vague feeling that at some point in the dream I either met or thought about a woman who either reminded me of my female coworker JB and / or it was her, maybe I talked to someone who knew her or maybe she talked about someone she knew, but I can not remember.

I know that one or more of the people on Mr. Wednesday’s list whom I met were goddesses, I got to talk to one or more goddesses, I let them know that my father wanted them to join him, and I tried to get details from them like: their strengths, their weaknesses, their powers, how they knew my father, their opinions of my father, what benefits did they give to the people who worshiped them or followed them, et cetera.

I did not exactly trust my father & I was not sure what his plan was, I let them know this, and I used these recruitments as a chance to try to learn more about the deities & whether I should trust & help my father or not.

I know that one or more of the goddesses agreed to help my father, they shared a few details with me about him et cetera, but I can not remember the details; and I can not remember if I got to talk to any gods or not.

In one part of the dream when I was entering people’s apartments while they were gone without permission, I entered the apartment room of Dylan Hart (rest in peace) from the YouTube channel Household Hacker, who I met in a forgotten part of the dream, and I remember using his computer & internet to look up something because I guess I did not have my mobile phone.

He was the only person to return the their apartment while I was still there, I quickly restarted his computer, and I walked out of his room to greet him.

He remembered meeting me earlier & was annoyed with seeing me again, I said a few things as I made my way outside into the hallway, and I left quickly.

I then decided to stop & find my father so that I could ask him about what his plan was, I did not see why I should be helping him if I had no idea what this was all for, and eventually I found him.

He only vaguely answered a few of my questions, he dodged most of them, which annoyed me, I can not remember if I refused to continue helping him recruit deities & people or not until he gave me more answers.

I do know that he tried to make it seem like he needed my help & wanted my help, the old father & son trick, he was pretty good at this, but I can not remember if it worked or not.

I wondered if his plan was to get various deities & people to join him in a plan that would eventually lead to him gaining power over the world without them / us realizing it until it was too late and / or if at the very least did his plan involve a huge war between deities & people that would also lead to him gaining a lot of power / worship from all the conflict; and maybe some of his enemies would be defeated in the process, but I still had no idea what his plan was exactly.

He probably promised to tell me more later, I probably let him know who had decided to join him so far, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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