A Business Deal | Family At A Hotel

Asian American community battles surge in hate crimes stirred from COVID-19

I think that these dreams were partly inspired by all the recent news stories about an increase in attacks against Asian Americans.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that in the dream that I was married, my wife was what some people would consider to be Asian, and I was not in this part of the dream.

My wife was a businesswoman & she was at her job working on a business deal with maybe a male Japanese businessman client who had an assistant / maybe translator with him, they were all wearing business clothing, and they were sitting down in an office working on a business deal.

The businessman kept borderline flirting with my wife during the business deal, probably hoping to eventually get my wife to have dinner with him et cetera, my wife was all business & tried to stick to the business deal, but the businessman kept getting off track.

The businessman tried to avoid being too flirty, he did a good job trying to disguise his intentions, trying the bare minimum to avoid sexual harassment if he could, and at the end he probably tried to invite my wife to dinner with the weak excuse of continuing the business discussions.

My wife saw through this of course & she probably politely & smartly declined, she probably mentioned me during this, and that she needed to get home because we had plans or something like that; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that my parents and I went out of town, and we stayed at a hotel.

The next morning I got up to go to a lobby-like part of the hotel, first I briefly left the room & I returned briefly, somehow during this brief return my dad was now Idris Elba, but somehow I did not notice this mistake & I just accepted / knew that he was somehow my dad.

After leaving the hotel room again I went to the hotel lobby-like room, at some point there was a family in the lobby with several family members who some people could consider to be Asian & one or two who some would consider to be white (I think that this family member or two were possibly adopted or were children that the father (who was not there) already had from another marriage).

One of them was an Asian boy who needed help at a scanner / copier / printer, and I went to help him like I was at my library IT Assistant job or something.

The boy had a cellphone (mobile phone) & he wanted something copied, I tried to figure out what he wanted copied, I was not sure if he wanted to literally scan the cellphone or not, but he got frustrated & mad.

He said a few negative things, and then he walked over to sit with his family & he started crying.

I walked over to them, I still had his cellphone that he left, and I returned his cellphone to his family.

His older brother who some people would consider to be white accepted the phone for his younger brother, and he started talking to me about the situation & why his younger brother got emotional.

While he was talking to me their mother, who some people would consider to be Asian, stood up & got emotional out of nowhere, and she started explaining something about how their family name & reputation had been damaged by someone who had spread lies about them.

It seemed that this brought shame to their family & like they got rejected & attacked by their community et cetera, and I guess that things got so bad toward their family that they had to leave.

This seemed to be connected to why the boy got emotional as well, his mom was frustrated & angry about the situation that she mentioned, it seemed that maybe the father was not with them now because of this situation, and she stormed off angrily.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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