U.S. Military Grapples With A Rising Epidemic Of Sexual Assault In Its Ranks

U.S. Military Grapples With A Rising Epidemic Of Sexual Assault In Its Ranks

What is it?

Here is the description for the video above:

A video posted by a female U.S. Marine about sexual assault in the military rocketed across the internet and into a Pentagon press-briefing room Friday. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin promised to take additional steps to stop such violence. But as Nick Schifrin reports, sexual assault in the military continues to rise and individual families continue to be ripped apart.

My Thoughts

This needs to stop now, those responsible & responsible for supporting this cycle / system need to be held accountable, and real changes that will help prevent this & deal with this when it happens needs to be implemented.

The end,

-John Jr

8 replies on “U.S. Military Grapples With A Rising Epidemic Of Sexual Assault In Its Ranks”

Men rape women. Not all men. But MEN. In a high testosterone, high pressure environment, that is an extension of the patriarchy and male dominated, I do not see how women who work there are ever going to be kept safe. Examples need to be made out of perps.


Hello The Paltry Sum,

There are also men raping men, women raping men, women raping women, et cetera in the military as well; not that you did not know that already, it is disappointing, those are just the stories that I have read reports of & heard the stories from soldiers themselves, as you may know many rapes go unreported, especially in environments like that, and especially when men get raped.

I think that there are things that can be done to help soldiers & civilians in these situations, there is a big problem with nothing being done, cover-ups, attacking those who report the crimes, et cetera; things that go against current rules / law, common sense, every day ethics, et cetera.

You are right about some of those things being part of the problem & increasing the chance of things like this happening, but we know some things that can be done to help; and dealing with those we know are committing those crimes is one of those things, which you also agree with.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


There is no pretending here, just ask the military, the police, your government, credible news sources, victims themselves, et cetera.

You can believe what you want, but that does not make it true.

It is rarer than men raping women of course, but it does happen more than some of us think.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, it is interesting to hear other opinions at times, whether one agrees or not.


Rape is a power thing, its a size thing. Its a penis thing. Tell me what chance I had against a 200 pound, 5 foot 11 guy, when Im a 100 pound, five foot tall woman? What chance would I have against another lesbian, who was more evenly matched, and didnt have a penis?


Those are some the things involved depending on the rapist et cetera, there is more to this sick act as well with & without a penis, I have had some people tell me personally of things that happened to them and / or others as children & adults with males & females committing the crime in their experiences.

I have no reason to argue against the terrible thing that happened to you & your situation, just like I do not argue against the other women, girls, boys, and men whose experiences have been shared with me.

Rape is one of those crimes that I take very seriously as well, regardless of who does it.

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