JB? | Powers & A Work Trip? | JB & Tra Rags & Mandarin?

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is a separate dream or not, but I do know that my female coworker JB was in this dream if it was a separate dream; JB appeared in all of my partly remembered dreams last night surprisingly / oddly even though I have not seen or talked with her since a brief moment on Thursday, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was a much longer, more detailed dream, but I only barely remember part of the end of the dream.

In the forgotten parts of the dream, I was on a work trip out of town with my coworkers at The BP Library.

At some point we found out that I had powers / superpowers and / or was a demigod or something, but I can not remember the details other than I got to use some of my powers possibly.

I remember some of us buying & eating pizza, including my female coworker JB, at some point we drove back to the city of D to my parent’s yard past the automobiles.

Everyone started to go their separate ways, and JB got on a bus to leave back to her house, I assumed.

The bus was not leaving, so I walked on it to see what was going on, at the back of the bus was a short old overweight man with light-color skin causing some kind of commotion with several other people near him.

JB was sitting at the front of the bus eating pizza again, to my surprise, and I asked her if everything was okay.

JB was relaxed as she sat there eating the pizza, she said that everything was okay, I asked her if she was sure, and she responded yes again as she continued eating pizza.

I then asked if she had bought another pizza, that I thought that she had already eaten some pizza before we left not that long ago, and I wondered if she had eaten an entire pizza by herself.

She replied that it was the same pizza, she did eat some earlier, but she was just eating a bit more, and she would share the rest with her family; and she asked me about what my assumptions were about that.

But I woke up as I started to explain.

Dream 3

This dream involved me going to work in the morning at a fictional larger version of The BP Library, as soon as I arrived in the back employee area & clocked in, I was approached by my female coworker JB who wanted my help with something.

So I followed her out to the main patron areas to see what she needed help with.

I can not remember all the things that she needed help with, but I know that the last thing that she reported was that some of the computers in the patron areas needed their themes changed from the default dark theme.

JB named some of the computers by name, she used the actual computer names, which I was not familiar with, I knew them by the area where they were.

So that caused me some confusion, but I told her that I would check all the computers in the patron areas & I would update the themes to maybe the Mate themes: Adwaita or TraditionalGreen or TraditionalOk.

I then walked off to do that & I am not sure where JB went, I did not see her again in the dream after this, and I was interrupted before I could get started by a male patron in the computer lab who looked like or was Tra Rags & his mom who was an older woman with medium-color skin.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #14 / Tra Rags funny tiktok compilation

Tra Rags or the Tra Rags-like man tried to explain what he needed help with, it seemed that he wanted to write a message in another language that he did not know, I tried to figure out the language, he was not sure the name.

Eventually I figured out that it was probably Mandarin.

He had the Mozilla Firefox web browser open, so I used that to try to find a website that could help him make a translation of the message that he wanted to make in Mandarin.

I told him the few things that I knew about Mandarin as I did this.

For some reason Firefox froze, so I was going to open up Brave Browser instead, Tra Rags started to tell me a story.

We got interrupted by a fictional male coworker of mine who was tall & thin with dark-color skin who was possibly my former male classmate MW.

Tra Rags stared at him as he talked, since he had rudely interrupted us, then I turned the conversation back to what Tra Rags was trying to share earlier.

My fictional coworker walked off, and we continued our conversation as I was bringing up a website & we had a book that might help him.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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