Lions & Chris Stuckmann & Secret Research & A Virus

This was an interesting, weird, and detailed dream that I can only remember part of unfortunatly.

This dream took place in another country, it seemed like a combination of somewhere in Africa combined with Australia, and at some point I went to a one-story house / cabin with more of a greenhouse-like style in the countryside / wilderness, there was a woman & man with light-color skin who were either already there or they showed up after me, but a male & a female lion showed up trying to get inside the house.

We quickly tried to close the many doors / windows of the house to keep the lions out, at some point the woman escaped while we had the lions distracted at the door / window, we did not have time to lock all the doors / windows & most of them were glass, so there was a chance of the lions getting inside, but fortunately a man & a boy with dark-color skin showed up & they got the lions like they were their pets or something to our surprise.

I left the house & eventually reached an area with some other people where I met Chris Stuckmann, who was also vacationing in this country, a strange-looking / strange-acting short person (I was not sure if they were an adult or young person) with long black hair with dark-light-color skin or light-medium color skin approached us saying that he or she (I assumed that they were a he at first) was a fan of Chris Stuckmann, this person then asked us to give them a ride home, and I rode with them in Chris’s assumed rental car.

This person even sat weird, probably balled up sitting in a fetal-like position being mostly quiet & acting strange, this person led us to what looked like a church with an alley, they wanted us to drive down the alley, but we feared an ambush and / or that something weird was going on so Chris backed up to avoid the alley & escape.

I can not remember what happened exactly, I just remember learning that this person had no external sexual organs or even any visible openings for urination or defecation that we saw & it was not clear if they were male or female or what their age was, that this person was a test subject who had escaped from a secret research facility that was run by some kind of secret group maybe underground in the church-looking building, and I guess they were going to have us drop them back off at the secret facility that they escaped from but changed their mind at the last second.

I guess this is when they told us & showed us all of this, they possibly had a female friend who was also a test subject, and I guess they wanted us to help them to get her out of the secret facility.

I think they took us inside the building & got us inside the secret facility that was underground I assume, I was not sure if this secret group was a secret society and / or secret government organization and / or a secret corporate run facility et cetera, I just remember us seeing some male scientist-like people with light-color skin with lab coats doing research, and we saw one or more test subjects including a young woman who was the friend of the person with us.

While we were there the young woman escaped on her own, the scientists showed us some kind of virus that she & some of the other test subjects were infected with, I remember them showing us some of the symptoms of the virus, which included the growth of some kind of stuff inside your mouth et cetera that the infected would cough up.

I was a bit like a fungus growth & some kind of thick nasty stuff, this virus was one of the things that they were researching, and now that the young woman had escaped she was at risk of spreading it to others.

They wanted her captured or killed, they said that the situation would be bad if the virus spread because they did not have a cure yet, they wanted us to help them capture her, we left to find her without agreeing to help them, and I remember us going to a field where an event was taking place.

This country seemed to actually be a kingdom possibly, there were guards / agents et cetera at this event who worked for the kingdom including Henry Cavill who was a guard dressed in a military dress-like uniform that was mostly royal blue with other colors on the trim, and they had orders to kill the young woman to stop the spread of the virus if they had to.

The young woman was at this event escaping through the crowd, Henry Cavill saw someone about to assassinate someone & so he shot & killed the assassin, no one else saw what had happened other than him shooting someone, whoever he shot was possibly a government agent, and so they arrested Mr. Cavill even though he was a guard & saved someone; but they did not know or believe him because the person he killed must have been a higher ranked person.

We tried to get the young woman to stop but she kept trying to escape through the crowd using the confusion of the shooting as cover, I felt that someone was about to kill her, I somehow knew that a government agent was likely watching & ready to shoot her with either a gun or bow & arrow or crossbow, and it possibly happened or was happening as I woke up.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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