American Gods (Season 3)

What is it?

The 2021 TV show American Gods (Season 3).

American Gods Season 3 – Official Trailer | NYCC 2020
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My Thoughts

I am still surprised that they are dragging this show on longer than the pacing of the book (American Gods), that they keep making some unnecessary changes (some changes are improvements though), they keep adding mostly unnecessary new characters who were not in the book, they keep giving certain characters bigger roles than in the book & than they deserve, they made some characters like Laura Moon more annoying than in the book, et cetera; but surprisingly this season not only ended better than the previous season, which is not saying much, but I possibly liked it more than the previous season overall I think (I could be wrong).

The previous season did have a few standout scenes that may be better than some of the best from this season, but I hated this season less than the previous season I think.

This show has the look & feel down well, they just need to follow the good parts of the book more while filling in some of the blanks & stop dragging the story on longer than it should be, and then this could be a great show; it is still a unique / weird show that is worth watching just for that fact, but it has not lived up to its potential yet.

I wish that they would have given the character Zorya Polunochnaya a bigger role, instead of most of the other characters whose roles they made bigger who did not deserve it & who also only had a small role in the book, maybe they will give her more screen time in the next season if they get one.

I thought that this was going to be the last season but nope, they did not finish the story yet, now they have to hope that they will get a new season when they could have already finished the story by now if they did not waste time adding stuff that was not in the book & that does not even answer many of the questions that the book did not answer that I wanted answers for.

I still like the concept for this TV show & the book, unfortunately the concept itself is still better than the show & the book in my opinion.

The end,

-John Jr

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