Tom Green’s House

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I went to Tom Green’s house.

His house was a multi-story building with maybe several other smaller buildings where he lived & he had a film studio where he made TV shows & movies & comedy skits et cetera with other actors / actresses / comedians & he had a small shop / store there, and another comedian / actor lived there too.

This other comedian / actor was like a combination of a library patron named Mr. C combined with a certain male comedian whose name I can not remember, in the dream I knew him & had visited him before in the past, and maybe I was visiting in the dream for the first time in awhile & he was living here with Tom Green now (he possibly had his own smaller house or building on the property or his own section of the house).

This other comedian / actor was outside at the swimming pool during this dream, I was inside the house on an upper floor watching Mr. Green directing a comedy TV show episode or a movie that he had also written, and two male comedians / actors with light-color skin were in it.

At some point I went outside to explore part of the neighborhood which had a trail & forest & several nice houses, unfortunately some of properties in the neighborhood had damage from a recent hurricane, including one nice one-story green house along the trail by the forest that had a tree still on their roof that fell because of the hurricane.

After a brief walk I returned to Tom Green’s property to talk with the actor / comedian I knew, he was still hanging out at the swimming pool, and he told me that this was his favorite spot & where he spent most of his time each day.

He mentioned how we had not seen each other in a while & how he missed the days when we used to hang out sometimes, I told him that it had been a while, and that the swimming pool area & neighborhood was a nice place; and that I would try to visit more often.

But then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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