Bicycles & A Smosh Skit With Krystal Swift

This dream involved my parents wanting my brother GC & I to go get something for them out-of-town, but first my brother GC wanted to get something in town.

We rode bicycles oddly, we went to several stores, at some point I wanted to return to the house to exercise & eat until my brother GC was ready to go, he was still shopping, and as I was leaving I saw my dad who was also riding a bicycle.

My dad & I rode back to the house, I sent GC a text message to let him know where I was & what I was doing & that he could meet me back at the house when he was ready to drive out-of-town, I exercised, and then I ate while I watched a comedy skit by the YouTube channel Smosh.

The Smosh comedy skit seemed to involve a fake Amazon-like company led by a man named Jeff Batteries instead of Jeff Bezos with Olympic-like athletes as employees, Krystal Swift (Kristal Swift) was a guest actress in the skit, and she did a surprisingly good job & her English had improved; and this seemed like a good opportunity for her to work on her acting, English, and to reach a larger audience & get more acting jobs.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


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