A Fair & Mr. CF & Some Hateful People

All that I can remember of this dream is that someone else, maybe my brother GC, and I went to a fair-like event in a field that I assume was a fairground.

At the fair we met my coworker Mr. CF and several people (friends?, neighbors?, family?, associates?) with country / southern accents he knew who were with him, including at least one man & one woman with light-color skin & one or two others, the people with Mr. CF seemed to be racist / bigots / prejudiced.

When I greeted the people with Mr. CF they refused to look at me or talk to me, the woman or one of the women even literally said this out loud along some other hateful things, they all looked hatefully away from me with negative posture / body language & facial expressions et cetera.

Their attitudes were so nasty & hateful & full of disgust & racism & bigotry et cetera, you should have seen it, it did not bother me as much as you would think, it seemed more ridiculous & childish & illogical & stupid & ignorant et cetera to me.

I remember us going into a small one-story building to watch something.

I remember sitting down by myself because the people with Mr. CF stayed away from me (I did try to say a few things to them from a distance without any luck other than Mr. CF responding), at some point Mr. CF tried to get the man or one of them to say something to me, he refused, and so Mr. CF took him aside & talked to him about this probably warning / threatening him; and then Mr. CF walked him over to me to make him say something.

The man still would not look at me but he did finally barely respond reluctantly still looking away hatefully, I brought up the TV show The Punisher, he said that he never seen it, trying to talk to him was like trying to pull teeth, and so I stopped wasting my time trying.

While they did not want to talk to me, they did talk to each other, I remember them having interest in doing some interior decorating on the interior of a certain car or automobile, and that is what they talked about with each other mostly.

At some point whatever we were watching was over, it was time to go, and Mr. CF gave us all a ride in his truck.

I am not sure why I went with them since the people with him hated me, I did anyway, but then I woke up as we drove away.

The end,

-John Jr

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